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Witter are the garage door opener 1 5hp largest manufacturer of tow bars. ZF GB are the world's leading driveline specialist. As I said in part one, the chassis on the Transit looked to be in good condition, as it had been coated in underseal, but after scraping some of this off which for anyone who hasn’t scraped off underseal I’d highly recommend it as a hobby. I found some quite nasty kinks in both chassis rails.

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I kept going out and spending ages looking at the damage and wondering just how I was going to put it right without the use of a jig and a workshop full of tools. I thought about making a jig up but in the end I decided to cut the chassis off and take it to work where I would be able to straighten it out properly and carry out the necessary repairs, then reattach it afterwards. I cut the chassis off at the point where I would have the maximum amount of area to strengthen it once it was reattached. I somehow managed to lift it into my van and get it to work, then made a start on cutting out the damage and straightening the chassis rails using a Porta Power hydraulic kit. After I repaired the kinks I capped the damaged garage door opener 1 5hp using 4mm ‘C’ section.

There were also a couple of other dents in the top of the chassis which I cut out and then welded in new pieces of garage door opener 1 5hp The damage looked like it was caused by a rear end hit as the ends of the chassis were also damaged. I carefully cut the ends off and welded in new caps at the end. I then stripped all the underseal and paint off the chassis, and painted it with red oxide primer, then stone guard paint, leaving enough bare metal at the end to be reattached as welding painted metal doesn’t work particularly well. As you can see the damage was fairly nasty.



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