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The chassis refitted with new top hat

I then fitted ‘top hat’ sections that I’d had made in our jig shop over the box and welded these in. After checking again that everything was garage door opener 2014 cls 550 I welded in an extra cross-member that again the jig shop had made up for me thanks Graham . The cross-member is made up of two ‘top hat’ sections of steel with tabs at each end that are welded to the chassis.

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This ties the repair in and I’m happy with the end result, as it isn’t covered in patches and looks good now it’s been painted. I lost count of the amount of hours it took to repair the chassis but I would say it must have been around garage door opener 2014 cls 550 hours just for this part alone. The chassis refitted with new top hat sections welded to the box section inside the chassis. The Ń section 'cap' in place of the kink.

The chassis has been painted with red oxide and stone guard. "Everything was reassembled and I then treated myself to six new tyres, but I won’t mention how much they were on the offchance a ‘certain someone’might read this!" The extra cross-member provides extra strength and ties the sections together. One picture, one day's work! Well worth the effort though. Wheels and tyres before and after, complete with 'cheap' tyres! Since I've owned this Transit I have garage door opener 2014 cls 550 to find out what it was used for while it was based at Heathrow with British Airways from 1986 to 1 Unfortunately I don't think BA operates out of the building that the Transit was registered to any more and I've had no reply to the letter I sent, so if anyone can shed any light on the subject I'd be very grateful to hear from you. Once I was happy with the chassis it was time to restore the rear axle, wheels and suspension.



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