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With the fan pulley out of the way it is a good opportunity to give the pump body a thorough clean and perhaps a new coat of paint. The first job is to pull off the fan hub. This is an interference fit to the shaft. Various open-ended spanners to remove water garage door opener 2015 kia optima ex

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I Ideally a press, but is doable with a large vice. I RTV Silicone. I Lathe if garage door opener 2015 kia optima ex housing needs truing up. The bearing and shaft assembly complete with the impellor can be pushed out with a press from the front. Obviously packing will be required as the assembly comes out of the body.

The bearing assembly and shaft are one component, and the old one is pushed through from the front of the pump body as the impellor will still be attached on the inside of the pump. I used our old Churchill press but any form of press will do the job. After initially setting the pump body on a couple of thick washers for clearance, the bearing began to move, and I found two pieces of box section steel and an old bolt to push the whole ensemble through and out of the garage door opener 2015 kia optima ex The main body now received a good wire wheeling to remove all the scale and crud built up over years of use, inside and out. On the inside of the impellor chamber a small rotary wire brush was used to clean all of the waterways and particular attention was paid to the seal seat.



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