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The new bearings I purchased were the sealed type, but with the water pump having a grease nipple fitted I decided to remove the sealing plates from the garage door opener 2024 faces of the bearing so that grease could get to the bearings and keep any stray water out. Unfortunately the new bearings were slightly narrower than the originals, this was remedied by making a new spacer from a length of tube so that the outer dimension across the two bearings was the same as the original. Health and safety.

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Be aware a press can push with a lot of force, particularly if it is a hydraulic one, and if anything slips things can fly around the workshop! Eye protection should be garage door opener 2024 Dispose of old antifreeze correctly. Do not sling under the hedge, as it is attractive to animals, particularly cats, so make sure it is covered as it will kill them. If using machinery read all the safety notes and make sure you know how to operate it before switching on.

On occasions Mortons Media Group, publisher of HC Marketplace, shares selected information with its sister companies within the Mortons Group of companies and with other reputable companies, who may contact you about products and services that may be of interest to you. If you DO NOT wish to have the details given here passed on, please tick this box. Rush Green's present incumbent'Bruv'says he's very much open for business to the heritage-saving world. He even gives Bob Tuck an open invitation to enjoy the delights of this special part of Hertfordshire that of course includes Bob driving a 38-year-old 'Ergo' garage door opener 2024 Bison tipper-and a straw-carrying TK Bedford artic. One-time mate before he became a driver is Malcolm Simpson, who tells Bob Tuck that the role ofthe'professronal mate'is something that should never be forgotten.



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