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Now with the innards removed a good wire wheeling

The final garage door opener 28 operation was to the gasket face with emery, and a check was made to make sure it was not distorted. With the new bearing assembly pushed into place with the press, the new seal can be fitted before the new impellor. It is worth giving the seal lip a smear of RTV to ensure a good seal.

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The second type of pump has the individual bearings garage door opener 28 on to the pump shaft. This is from a Ferguson tractor, but is similar to many 1950s water pumps. Now with the innards removed a good wire wheeling will remove all the crud, and the old assembly can now go in the scrap bin. The impellor needs to have a clearance of O. OIOin to

020in from the pump body. It is possible to get access through one of the water ports with a feeler gauge as the impellor is pushed on. Support the end of the shaft while the pulley hub is pushed on to avoid moving the impellor! This time a circlip holds the whole ensemble in garage door opener 28 comes out the front of the pump body. RichardÂ’s tips Perusing the internet will throw up a multitude of pump seals that are available. Using modern sealants such as RTV silicone ensures a seal between components without a lot of bother.



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