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What is a historic vehicle? FIVA tries to tell us. Stung by the negative reaction to its attempts to clarify the definition of a historic vehicle, FIVA admits that the need to keep things simple for a non-expert audience including EU legislators, worryingly has backfired. Spokesman Gautam Sen says: ‘It is not FIVA’s policy to exclude historic vehicles on garage door opener 3280 of age, use or condition. Neither do we differentiate between a Morris Marina and a Blower Bentley.

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We have to convince a bunch of nonenthusiasts about the importance ofpreserving motoring heritage as a driving museum, rather than leaving them behind closed doors or reduced to trailer queens driven from one auction to the next. ’ Win a pair of Piloti driving shoes. Competition to mark the return of Piloti to the UK. garage door opener 3280 shoemaker Piloti is back in the UK, with three new lines of driving shoe now available: Casual, Performance and Luxury.

All the Piloti driving shoes feature a ‘Roll Control’ spherical heel cushion designed to make heel-and-toe gearchanging easier and smoother, as well as providinglateral support to reduce vibration. Theyhave fire-resistant Nomex linings and thread, and a sole pattern in the style of a classic race tyre. Styles vary from the trainer-like Casual garage door opener 3280 to a slip-on loafer in the Luxury range and the high-cut dress shoe Campione. For details on how to win a pair, visit the Octane Facebook page. ‘Hello crazy car people! I could have sold the cars all in one day but I wanted to be here with you’ Jerry Seinfeld at the $22m sale of his cars at Gooding & Co.



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