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‘I just jumped in and went for a drive. It felt pretty nice but not that garage door opener 3\/4 horsepower in fact I thought my time was a mistake. ’ Nick Padmore on achieving a record Imin 17079sec lap at Goodwood, in a Lola T ‘He is the greatest living exponent of the TT, with 23 victories to his name’.

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The Royal Automobile’s Club citation to Isle of Man TT racer JohnMcGuinness, as he was awarded the Segrave Trophy PeterMullin, opening the Mullin Automotive Museum’s new exhibit of horsedrawn carriages. ‘I’m at war with garage door opener 3\/4 horsepower Evans? That’s funny, I thought we were pals’. Matt Leblanc on talk that the Top Gear duo have fallen out. Bertil Roos is one of those drivers who made only a fleeting impression on Formula 1 but whose name is known worldwide partly because it’s so unusual, but mostly due to how much he achieved outside of F His early life, on a remote fishing island off the coast of Sweden, couldn’t have been more different from the world of Grands Prix either.

An interest in racing saw him moving around Europe and then to the USA, despite his limited knowledge of the English language. He competed in Formula Super Vee there, as well as Formula 2 in Europe and FormulaAtlantic in Canada. Having won the Formula Super Vee championship in 1973 he moved to the Shadow F1 teamforthe 1974 season. As it turned out, his only F1 start with the team was at his home event, the 1974 Swedish GP, from which he retired with mechanical issues, and he would never again make an F1 start. Roos returned to the USA and within a year had started his eponymous racing school in Pennsylvania, near Pocono Raceway, to teach circuit racing rather than the country’s more garage door opener 3\/4 horsepower oval racing.



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