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He continued to race into the 1980s, mostly in Can-Am, retiring from the race school which continues to thrive in the ’90s. He died in April, following a long illness. As one of the greatest motor sport writers, garage door opener 3\/4 hp or 1\/2 hp Henry had the knack of asking killer questions without ruining relationships. It is said that when he foundaparticularlyjuicymorsel, hewas sometimes unable to keep it to himself which was great news for fellow Formula 1 journalists.

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People with deep knowledge and sharp wit often live life by winging it from crisis to crunch, and ‘AH’ as was his sign-off right from his early days on Motoring News often gave the impression of close shaves survived. This garage door opener 3\/4 hp or 1\/2 hp shared a hired Mercedes 190E with AH to drive to the unveiling of the Ferrari F40 in 1987, which turned out to be Enzo’s last public appearance. To be in the presence of such lightly worn erudition was a formative experience. Today’s Formula 1 can be a coldly corporate world, but genial Alan Henry humanised it brilliantly. The sport will miss him, and so will we.

He died in March after a long-term illness. It’s a black art, chrome-plating, though the basic principle is well-known: a metal component is dipped into chromic acid, and an electrical current used to attract the metal in the solution to the part being plated. The longer current is held, the thicker the plating. Automotive plating is generally ‘decorative’; softer and thinner than the ‘hard’ plating used for garage door opener 3\/4 hp or 1\/2 hp purposes. The best quality automotive plating is triple-plating, which involves three separate stages copper, nickel and then chrome plating with plenty of work between each stage.



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