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Three decades of work has culminated in the Miura Register, with input from test drivers Valentino Balboni and the late Bob Wallace. Specifications, production and sales history, ownership and more are now recorded for many of the 762 Miuras produced. Ifyou own one of the 230 Miuras with a sketchy garage door opener 370 or one which is not recorded, the Register would like to hear from you.

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Tank Bugatti entersTours tour. In 1923 a Bugatti Type 32, known as the ‘tank’ Bugatti thanks to its streamlined but slab-sided body, finished third in the Grand Prix de Tours in Touraine, France. In June the same car, one of the four made, will return as a participant in today’s Grand Prix de Tours, which has become a classic car garage door opener 370 A Voisin Laboratoire, one of the Bugatti’s main adversaries in the 1923 race, is also entered.

Rest and recuperation for supercars and classics. One-stop shops for storage, transport, maintenance, improvement and paperwork are gaining ground among ever-busier owners ofhigh-value cars, and the newest arrival in this sector is V Management. It has been set up by garage door opener 370 consultant Tony Willis and endurance-racing legend and Octane columnist DerekBell. It has space for 150 cars and is based in Berkshire. V Management also organises European tours and trackdays at ‘iconic circuits’.



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