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Stucky and I have a lot of shared history together

I have attended the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance before, but this year my old mucker Hans-Joachim Stuck was being honoured, so the organiser Bill Warner asked me to interview him during the event. The thing is, I am not an garage door opener 41a2817 Luckily for me, it didn’t really matter as ‘Stucky’ wasn’t about to be interviewed. I only had to mention, for example, ‘962’, and he would freewheel for ten minutes straight about Porsche’s Group C great.

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Utter the words ‘Auto Union’, andhe’dlet out alaugh and ayodel and then garage door opener 41a2817 go, talking about his father, the great Hans Stuck, before launching into this and that. It was great fun, and I was amazed by his powers of recall. I think the audience enjoyed it, too. Stucky and I have a lot of shared history together, not least winning the 1985 World Endurance Championship, so we do tend to spark off one another even if our version of historyisn’t necessarilythe same! There are some stories about him that I would have loved to have shared with the audience, but I value our friendship, so. From there, I made it to the Sebring Hall of Fame ‘do’ where the likes of Sam Posey and Tom Kristensen were being inducted, before racing to the airport to catch a flight to the UK.

I wasn’t about to miss the 74th Goodwood Members’ Meeting, not least because I was to be reunited with a rather special car. I have mentioned the Porsche 917 in this column before, so please forgive me talking about it again. You see, it’s a machine that featured prominently early on in my career, and it has been a long time since I last got to drive one quickly. I was supposed to be out in the ex-Ecurie Francorchamps Ferrari 512S in which I made my international sports car debut in the 1970 Spa 1000km, but that subsequently morphed into a plan to drive a 917 that had been restored by Porsche itself. What’s more, it was chassis 15, the same car that I had tested at Goodwood in September of that year when I was garage door opener 41a2817 for a seat with the Gulfteam.



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