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Go for a test drive and take advantage of the full inspection facilities on site before you bid. The Legend guess sentimentality rather creeps up on you. I had never really stopped to think about what I had achieved until I hung up my helmet as a full-time garage door opener 41a3039 driver. It was always a case of looking forwards rather than backwards; thinking about the next race or bagging the best seat available.

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I wasn’t one for revelling in the garage door opener 41a3039 Sure, I would celebrate if I won something, but I was already thinking about where I was off to next. But that was then. Now that I am a historic driver in the literal sense, I find myself in the slightly surreal position of being an elder statesman of motor racing. As such, I am often asked to talk about thepast.

It mightbe that I am regaling an audience with tales of derring-do as an after-dinner speaker, but I may also be chewing on questions posed by a historian. I don’t know about you, but it isn’t easy remembering what you were doing on a particular garage door opener 41a3039 43 years ago, or whatever. I think I have a very good memory for detail, but come on, be reasonable! Some things lodge in your memory forever while others are eased from the forefront and tossed into a safe to which you then lose the combination. Not that I mind chatting about yesteryear, you understand. It’s just that I recently found myself asking the questions and rather enjoyed not being the one having to do ‘The Big I Am’.



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