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The flowing logo style, acid-etched into the garage door opener 41ab150 2 manual and distorting weirdly as you revolve its smooth contours in your hands, marks it out as definitely pre-war. The vendor had no idea it was originally intended as a giveaway to promote Britain’s oldest continuously published car magazine. ‘I’ve never heard of that make of car have you?’ she asked innocently. I replied that I had not, and used the lack of a recognisable brand as a bargaining tool, along with the grazes to the top surface, to knock a fiver off the price.

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Looks great on my desk; if only there was more paper around these days to keep pressed. In 1916, BMW was founded as an aero engine manufacturer with a propeller motif as its badge and a ready market, given what was going on across Europe. Motorcycles and cars garage door opener 41ab150 2 manual the next decade. This year marks the company’s centenary, celebrated in officially supported events across the world. Here’s the pick of the big ones.

BMW Festival, Munich. 9-11 September. This free event, based in Munich’s Olympic Park, will see over 2000 BMWs of all ages, from clubs around the world, converge in a celebration of BMW’s past and future. The company’s own displays will be based around 300 current or classic BMWs. Festival garage door opener 41ab150 2 manual ticket required on 9 and 10 September will feature musical acts from the classical to the popular including, yes, Simply Red plus a show compered by Thomas Gottschalk, who we are assured is ‘a top German radio and television personality’.



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