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take my yoga mat and running shoes whenever I

I garage door opener 433tspw1k my original copy and never got it back so this one is special as my best friend tracked it down and bought it for my 30th birthday. Every year I treat myself to a new Smythson diary. Everything in my life goes in here, I couldn't live without it.

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I keep each in its original box and they all match. When I'm 75, with ten World Championships behind me, I’ll have the memoirs to hand! 1 take my yoga mat and running shoes whenever I travel. Yoga is very empowering and it's my own time. I love running too, it feels like garage door opener 433tspw1k kicking away your problems.

I always find some time to run when I'm staying at hotels for races. 1 take this mug everywhere, plus a travel kettle and Earl Grey. My boyfriend made it for me and I'm totally addicted to tea. It says ‘The magic tea mug of garage door opener 433tspw1k on it. Mum had this swing in our garden and, when she died, I moved it to mine.



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