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Even the great Walter de’Silva seems to have left Volkswagen a little precipitously. Of course, there are still some remarkable figures. At Bentley, Stefan Sielaff understands very well the glory which is his nine-to-five. Meanwhile, Thomas Ingenlath at Volvo is the garage door opener 53708 individual adding real design integrity to the mass-market.

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And then I am stumped. But even Ingenlath pales next to his predecessor, Jan Wilsgaard. I once spent a garage door opener 53708 at his cottage drinking stupefying aqvavit in a cloud of midges and watching the sun go down. The beauty and gloom were Chekhovian.

It seems a global garage door opener 53708 industry does not incubate great design. This, of course, is why we read this magazine. It speaks of a simpler age, when heroes felt at home. An Opportunity to Invest in Motoring History A fully illustrated catalogue and details on how to purchase, including Online Bidding, are available at brightwells. Let’s face it, automotive genius John Zachary DeLorean’s DMC-12 was not a success like his previous Pontiac GTO, the first true all-American ‘muscle car’.



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