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However his description of the DeLorean car and by implication

Redford later starred in Spy Game along with a 1969 Irish Green Porsche. It was supposed to be set at the CIA HQ in Langley, Virginia, but a lot of the driving scenes were actually garage door opener 53879 in Stevenage. And the Porsche was a 912 with the more aggressive soundtrack ofa911 dubbed over.

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A garage door opener 53879 car with added virtual grunt. WHILE JAY LENO’S disillusionment with John DeLorean, the hero of his teenage years, saddens me Octane 155 , it may well be justified. However, his description of the DeLorean car and, by implication, the projectin Northern Ireland ‘the whole thing’ as he terms it as ‘a fraud’ is unwarranted. Such was DeLorean’s successful track record at GM and the strength of his personality, he collected around him the design genius of Giorgetto Giugiaro; the engineering and development skills of Colin Chapman’s Lotus; experienced management teams in Dunmurry in Northern Ireland, Coventry in England, and Irvine in California; a totally dedicated workforce; and a high-qualityglobal supply chain.

Thieir combined efforts created a saleable production car out ofhis dated 1974 concept/prototype, which met the strictest emissions and safety legislation in the world and came to market in a record 28 months. It was not a perfect car. Thie short-term need to create apositive cashflow tookpriority over build quality in order to offset rampant inflation, a damaging pound/dollar exchange rate, and some negative impacts of garage door opener 53879 Troubles. Of the total of 9080 cars made, the vast majority were shipped to North America. It is reckoned 6500 of these survive and, indeed, three 35-year-old examples are currently being driven around the world by their German owners and are expected to arrive in Belfast in time for a gathering of international fellow owners on 27 May.



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