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In fact, his eponymous creation was a dismal failure surrounded by corruption and scandal. And yet the striking, stainless-steel, Giugiaro-designed gullwing coupe has potential which might yet be realised, as you will read in the garage door opener 53910 feature. But the DeLorean achieved immortality when it was chosen by producer Bob Gale to be the star car in the 1985 film Back to the Future, in which it was powered by plutonium stolen from Libyan terrorists by ‘Doc Brown’.

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DeLorean was so chuffed by the car’s role in the film he garage door opener 53910 a thank you to Gale and the letter is now part of DeLorean folklore. Indeed,John ZacharyDeLoreanhas a DMC-12, its gullwing doors open, carved onto his tombstone at the White Chapel Cemetery in Michigan. By 1985 I was already a confirmed car ‘expert’ so I didn’t really take to the rather spurious idea of a DeLorean being a time machine powered by a transuranic radioactive chemical. This whole sci-fi malarkey is not my thing. I much prefer real-world star cars, ones that we can actually drive.

The first star car I came across was not on film or television, but on the radio. We didn’t have television in South Africa until I was about 12 years old, such was the deprivation in the colonies in the old days. So, as a child, every Friday evening I’d get into bed at 30pm sharp with mywireless and tune into Springbok Radio. garage door opener 53910 prowl the empty streets at night, in fast cars, waiting. experiencing crime and violence at every turn, expecting nothing less.



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