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Hewasoftenridiculedforthepreposterous Gremlin in fact a genius bit of automobile improv

Never mind the Ford-O-Matictransmission, itwas the car that allowed ‘Standard’ to become ‘De Luxe’ and ‘Custom’ to become ‘Custom De Luxe’. OK, it’s semantic inflation, but of a good sort. Or Harley Earl’s successor, garage door opener 5500 series Mitchell.

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His observation that baseballs are more interesting than billiard balls because ofthe texture and detail is, for me, a design apothegm at least the equal of anything garage door opener 5500 series by Alberti or Eames. And when you factor in the almost inhuman Oldsmobile Toronado penned by Mitchell’s protege David North, the Alberti and Eames portfolios look comparatively thin. And it is sad thathistoryhas forgotten AMC’s amiable DickTeague. Hewasoftenridiculedforthepreposterous Gremlin in fact, a genius bit of automobile improv, given the budget he had to work with .

I met Teague in Detroit in 1 He had just finished theJeep Cherokee, surely the freshest car draughtsmanship since Farina’s epochal Florida. Like many great designers, Dick Teague had onlyhad one eye. Fromlatergenerations, David Range Rover Bache is dead and so too is Claus Luthe, troubled garage door opener 5500 series oftheNSU Ro Paul PagodaSL Bracqislong retired. And the most original creative talents of recent years, J Mays Ford , Chris Bangle BMW and Patrick Le Quement Renault , all had differences with their employers which led them, respectively, to go and live in Barnes, make wine in Tuscany and design sailboats in Cassis.



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