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That is a day I do recall with absolute clarity. I was up against Peter Gethin and Ronnie Peterson for the drive. I had shared a works Ferrari with ‘Mad Ronald’ at Le garage door opener 5 flashes three months earlier, and knew that he was a special talent.

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Peter was no slouch, either. Even now, all these years later, I don’t know why I was chosen, but landing that drive meant everything to me. Walter Naher’s fantastic book on 917s delves into the history of each individual garage door opener 5 flashes in near-forensic detail. From reading it, I learned that I drove the car that day at Goodwood for one hour and ten minutes.

Lapping the circuit more than 40 years later, and pressing on a bit I might add, was utterly magical. The only garage door opener 5 flashes for me was that, as soon as I stepped out of the car, Goodwood’s roving reporter Henry Hope-Frost stuck a microphone in my face. That was the last thing I needed. I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. To be at that track and in that 917 was something very special, and my memories of the day aren’t about to dim any time soon, that’s for sure.



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