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We had a very candid chat

Thiey apologised that they could not get hold of one signed by Sir Stirling. Eventually I decided I would like it signed. I wrote to Sir Stirling and received a reply asking me to make an appointment to garage door opener 696 wiring diagram

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I rang up and averypolite gentleman got the diary out; I asked who I was speaking to and it was Sir Stirling! A few weeks later I rang the doorbell at his house and Sir Stirling greeted me in his slippers and motor racing braces and invited me in. We had a very candid chat for 30 minutes and he garage door opener 696 wiring diagram my model about which he took a great interest, even noting the correct tartan on the seats . I then had myphoto taken with him and, despite this being the first time I had met him, I left with the feeling I had just visited an old friend. I framed the picture for my study wall but decided I wanted that signed too! I again contacted Sir Stirling and was invited to visit again.

This time, due to building work, I was invited upstairs into the lounge, where we chatted while Lady Susie made me a cup of coffee. I again left in a state of euphoria. It is said you should never meet your heroes in case you are garage door opener 696 wiring diagram In this case I came away even more impressed than I’d been before. I doubt whether Hamilton, Schumacher, Vettel or Senna would have been as accommodating.



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