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I spotted this Mk a automatic for sale as traded

Schoolboy memories. As an E-type owner and Jaguar enthusiast, Iparticularlyenjoyed Doug Nye’s features in Octane 155 on the C-type and Stirling Moss’s various successes with it I thought garage door opener 81lm instructions might be interested in this picture (above). Though I now live in Nairobi, I attended Warwick School in England along with Red Bull’s Christian Horner and at a gathering there a few years ago I bought the attached print, which shows the 1951 Jaguar C-type team driving past the school on Myton Road en route to Le Mans. The artist is Ronan de Kermadec and he is the schoolboy in the painting, watching the cars go by.

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Alec Davis, Nairobi, Kenya False investment. The article about Mk1 Jaguars in Octane 152 stirred some old memories of a Mk1 that briefly passed through my hands back in 1978, above right. I spotted this Mk1, a 1958 4 automatic, for sale ‘as traded’ in alocal caryard atA$9 Itwas at first garage door opener 81lm instructions in good condition.

I took it for a quick run and it drove well enough plenty of grunt from the 4 engine, even if dulled garage door opener 81lm instructions by the auto transmission. Interestingly, this car had drum brakes, not discs. Ofcourse I had to buy it, with some known faults and some unknown. The biggest obstacle to getting the Roadworthy Certificate equivalent to your MoT was a rear crank seal oil leak. I bought the seal for $7 and then discovered that you have to drop the front end out or remove the engine to fit it! So I paid a mechanic about A$300 to do it, which was two weeks’ wages then.



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