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At the fuel stop this quartet again attracts a whole lot of friendly attention as we line ’em up for a garage door opener 8355 The Mac turns out to be very economical but Valentine is worried because his Alfa’s dash has lit up like a Christmas tree. Also I have a problem starting the Mac, thanks to its keyless ignition.

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Have to get out, lock it, unlock it and start again. First World problems. Once in Reims we have a quicklunch, then go to look at the amazing Reims Cathedral and the garage door opener 8355 car museum, while Jools slips off to see a tapestry exhibition. Each to his own. Meanwhile, I’m tasked with finding a restaurant: road trips are about good grub as well as fast driving, after all.

Brasserie du Boulingrin on Rue de Mars turns out to be an absolutely perfect French eatery where the fruits de mer is garage door opener 8355 and not expensive. Highly recommended. Next morning it’s time for the autojumble. This bunch are all pros so we get there on set-up day before the crowds. The 29th annual Salon Champenois at the Reims Parc des Expositions is a pretty sizable event full of cars, bikes, bicycles, engines, signs, car parts and stuff all French and exotic.



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