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Innes lived just outside the village of Shobdon in north

I garage door opener 8500 and built the first Phantoms shortly after my apprenticeship atJaguar Cars, where I worked as an Experimental test driver under Norman Dewis. My kind of guy. Your Gone But NotForgotten page about Innes Ireland resurrected some happy memories for this 75-year-old boy racer. When I was in mylate teens and early20s, mypals and I who would now be labelled ‘petrolheads’ would undertake three-hour-plusjourneys in our old bangers from rural Shropshire to watch any motor racing event.

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It was at a meeting at Mallory Park circa 1960 that I had the chance to talkwith Innes in the paddock. In those days a paddock pass cost ten shillings 50p and allowed you to get up close to the drivers and their cars. Innes lived just outside the village of Shobdon in north Herefordshire, where there was and still is a good garage door opener 8500 club, from where he used to fly to race meetings. Shobdon is about 15 miles south-west ofLudlow, my home town, and at the time I worked from an office situated on the A49 that in those days went straight through the town.

Early one weekday morning, I was about to insert my key in the door when the sound of what seemed like a Formula car broke the silence ofthe morning, vibrating off the streetside properties. Over the Bull Ring came a very fast garage door opener 8500 Seven with, clearlyvisible, thebright yellow helmet ofInnes, who was almost certainly doubling the 30mph limit. I saluted him as he sped past with a wave that made my day. God bless you, Innes; you were my kind of guy. Brian Mear, Shropshire.



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