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It weighs just 1320kg, will do 0-62mph in 9 seconds and promises 130 litres of luggage space under the front bonnet. Autojumble here we come. PHOTOGraPHER CHRIS garage door opener 85022 arrives and we pack the Mac.

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There’s the boot and a narrow shelf behind the seats so we just manage. Getting in and out garage door opener 85022 low-slung seats is akin to a Pilatesworkout and there’s no room in the car for glasses, phones or any other travel paraphernalia. Driving the 675LT is not for the shy. From the get-go, cameraphones are out, van drivers hoot and give the thumbs-up, and everyone smiles and waves us into the London traffic with not a sneer in sight.

Best ofBritish? Maybe that’s it. Between us we are flummoxed by the sat-nav and I revert to my handwritten directions, yet the Mac is refined and co-operative, its limited visibility helped by garage door opener 85022 door mirrors. Steering is superb via the Alcantara rim, and the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is instant and polished. Our first destination is Jools Holland’s pile in Kent. Jools is the well-known musician, TV presenter, classic car enthusiast and keen autojumbler.



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