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My enthusiasm had garage door opener 8550 and I decided to pass it on. The interior had been re-trimmed in vinyl, the dashboard looked like it had been varnished with a fence paint brush, the rear window leaked, and I suspected that the respray was hiding some bodged rust repairs. I sold it for A$13

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I nowhave a 1969 Daimler V8 250, but that’s another story. The point is: should I have kept the Mk1? garage door opener 8550 to remind myself that it was 38 years ago, and had I kept it I would certainlyhave had to repair, maintain, refurbish and probably restore it more than once, which would have cost a lot over the years. RogerDarby, Victoria, Australia. Write to Octane Letters, 5 Tower Court, Irchester Road Wollaston, Northants NN29 7PJ, UK.

Please garage door opener 8550 your name, address and a daytime telephone number. Letters maybe edited for clarity, and views expressed are not necessarily those of Octane. Specially developed waxforglossy transparent lacquered wood surfaces, with 47% byvol. ofyellow Brazilian Carnauba waxand UV-stabiliser. This incredibleformulationwill createa sensation onyourwooden boat! First application requires awaxpretreatmentwith Swissvax ŤCleaner Fluid Regularť.



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