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of Brazilian Carnauba waxand UV stabiliser

Swissvax ŤInfusionť 45% byvol. of ivory Brazilian garage door opener 8550w waxandUV-stabiliser,enrichedwith PTFEagainstdirtand darkdepositsfrom rainwater, provide long-term protection forall Gelcoatsurfaces. Swissvax ŤLongevityť The choice forall color painted surfaces in the maritime environment e.

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steel, alu-minum,wood etc. 42% byvol. of Brazilian Carnauba waxand UV-stabiliser,enriched with PTFE against dirt and dark deposits fromrainwater,guaranteelowwettabilityand much-easier-to-clean garage door opener 8550w Swissvax ŤMARINE ENTRY COLLECTIONť A brilliant start intotheworld of Swissvax boat care. Comes in its own handycoolerbagandincludesourbasicproductsforsurface care, chrome, brass, aluminumand stainless steel.

Nothing but the best. Engine overhaul, bodywork repair or upholstery, our specialists face every job. Engine dynamometer and frame straightener ensure perfection down to the detail, because Kienle-restored vehicles are compared with the best with Mercedes Benz. As the leading specialist for the restoration of Mercedes-Benz vehicles we have been setting quality standards for partial and complete restorations, repairs and maintenance for over three decades now. In addition, we own one of the world's largest stock of original parts and high-quality re-manufactured parts, and prepare expert appraisals for Mercedes-Benz garage door opener 8550w



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