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Charging point. As a regular reader of Octane here in Bremen as well as on our little island ofWangerooge, I nearly dropped dead when I read issue I keep telling our English friends about our island and what a lovely place it is to recharge one’s garage door opener 891lm liftmaster I was there when the photos of the DKW Electro-Laster were taken.

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The bakery that had the original car in the old days is still our bakery garage door opener 891lm liftmaster I was on the way to do some shopping and could not believe my eyes when I sawthe Elektro-Laster, so Iwent back to our flat, got the camera and took some photos myself -one ofwhich I attach (above), showing the Elektro-Laster in front of the Pudding Cafe mentioned in your article. Gerd Griepe, Bremen, Germany. Join our Clubmans. You hit the nail right on the head with the comment in your recent Chequered Flag supplement about Classic Clubmans that ‘you can’t go faster for the money’.

It was nice to see my Phantom pictured but unfortunately it was wrongly attributed to Chris Greville-Smith, who designed the later cars. The photo (above) shows my original car, chassis oran electrically powered DKW minibus? No 001, in 1974 when it won the Tricentrol Championship and came third in the garage door opener 891lm liftmaster Series. The full race-engined ‘A’ Class cars were very quick on all the British circuits, usuallybeing within a second ofthe lap times of contemporary F3 cars. Clubmans was also fiercely competitive at that time, the first three grid rows sometimes being covered by less than a second at Mallory Park and Silverstone. The variety and ingenuity displayed in the designs ofthe cars makes them historically very interesting, with many drivers going on to greater things in motor sport later in their careers.



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