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After a civilised drivers briefing on the Friday evening

As you might have guessed, Mighty 63 and I are best mates. We know each other inside out and, garage door opener 953ev evc best mates do, we tend to get into a few scrapes. We’ve had ding-dong battles at Donington, slithered around Spa, monstered Monza and won silverware at Silverstone, but good times at Goodwood had always eluded us.

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Thiat is, until Tromans received an invitation to race his Cortina in the Whitmore Cup at the 74th Members’ Meeting. Finding himself unable to attend, Tromans passed driving duties to me. After a civilised drivers’ briefing on the Friday evening, my weekend proper began with a wild 15-minute qualifying session the next afternoon. I’d like to claim I worked to some kind of cunning strategy in order to garage door opener 953ev evc a bit of track space but, with windscreen and rear-view mirror full of Minis, BMWs, Alfas and Cortinas, the only option was to fight my way into some clear air. As a result, the first few laps felt more like a race.

152 Thie Minis are especially distracting, not least because they scribe peculiar and spectacular lines through the corners, looping wide before cutting across the conventional rear-wheel-drive line in a lurid and lunatic combination of understeer and oversteer. It would be great fun just to sit behind and watch for a few laps if it wasn’t for the spectre ofTouring Car legend Steve Soper shadowing me a few cars back in his own Lotus-Cortina. Like an aircraft breaching the cloud base to find blue skies and sunshine, I clear the Minis and slither onto the Lavant straight with nothing ahead but some clear track and Andrew Banks’ beautiful Alfa GTA garage door opener 953ev evc as a hare in the middle distance. It’s the best opportunity I’ll have to nail a decent lap, but having spent the last ten minutes overdriving it’s hard to calm down and keep things tidy. In case you didn’t know, Lotus-Cortinas love to slide.



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