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Normallyyouhave to peer along an endless row of high fencing to spot your pit board, but at Goodwood you feel so close to your team that they could scribble your lap time on a piece of paper and hand it to you as you drive by. Despite the traffic, garage door opener 976lm are going well, Mighty 63 and I trading places with Soper as we squabble over P1 and P Having cleared the Banks Alfa and completed what feels like a good lap well, to put Left and below ‘Mighty 63’ leads the pack more Cortinas, Alfa GTAs, BMWs, Minis from pole at Goodwood’s 74th Members’ Meeting; its interior is suitably sparse. ‘THiS BIG, SCARY KINK iS NORMALLY FLAT-OUT, BUT 63'S TAIL KICKS WIDE AND LEAVES A LONG BLACK LINE' it another way, I can’t imagine trying much harder! , it’s brilliant to see ‘P1 + 9’ on the Raceworks Motorsport pit board.

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Next time around the chequered flag’s out and our time still stands. We’ll start the Whitmore Cup from pole! The schedule for the Sunday broadly garage door opener 976lm Saturday’s, so the race is set for late afternoon. Plenty of time to get nervous, then. I get to the circuit late morning, just in time to see the extraordinary SF Edge race for monstrous Edwardian machinery.

Things are running late after Stephen Bond’s cartwheel into the pedestrian tunnel, and a number of further incidents puts more pressure on the schedule, but the GRRC moves heaven and earth to ensure everyone gets a race. By the time we’re sent out from the Assembly Area the sun is beginning to dip, but this only seems to add to the atmosphere. The release you feel at the start of a race is something uniquely special. If only there was a way of harnessing your tension, anticipation and nervous energy and then deploying it, KERS-like, to your car’s driven wheels, you’d get a rocketship start every time. My technique for standing starts is a bit rusty as the vast majority of the races I’ve done in the Cortina have been in the U2TC series, which always have garage door opener 976lm starts.



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