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This also carries his living quarters on the trailer neck but at the time of our visit, the ’29 Foden is in bits having boiler repairs or something carried out. So instead, Ian has another slice of transport heritage a D4 Caterpillar crawler sheeted up in the trailer well which gives a garage door opener accessories combination weight of something like 20 tons. First we have a buzz round the locality without the trailer and as soon as we start rolling, we sense how much at ease Ian is behind the wheel. We know he’s an owner-driver used to carrying all sorts of out-of-gauge loads, but the way he handles this 40-year-old classic is like a dream.

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I wish I was half as good a driver. And our man loves it himself: “I get more pleasure in driving the Atkinson than I do with my FH Volvo,” says garage door opener accessories “I know it’s not fair to compare the two because I don’t work this but it’s great. ” Ian says he gets more pleasure from driving his Atkinson than his modern FH.

Ian's current wagon is this Volvo, which he uses as an owner driver. It’s also fleet of foot as Ian bombs around like a scalded roller skate honestly. When we ask how quickly it travels, Ian recalls coming back from a steam show at Lincoln and reaching home in a very impressive three hours: “I remember there was a dip near Ferrybridge on the A1 and this Stobart driver couldn’t believe how I just came steaming past,” says Ian with a huge grin. “Mind, on the first climb after that he soon came past me but those few seconds made my day” Ian doesn’t mind whether he’s hauling the Foden steamer or Caterpillar crawler or just running solo: “I normally have a ballast block on the 5th wheel to smooth the bumps out if I’m running bob-tail,” he says, because just garage door opener accessories the motor back on the road is what it’s all about. And while it’s 40-plus years old, Ian reckons the Borderer still has a lot going for it: “Just look at this dashboard,” he says.



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