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fbhvc. uk and will run until June 30,20 It doesnÂ’t take long to fill in, and it could make all the difference! Renault never really had a presence among heavy truck makers over here but that situation garage door opener adjustment changed with the TR 280 and its subsequent models. ManufacturerÂ’s history Words: Alan Barnes Photography: As stated THE Alan Barnes looks into the history of Seddon Diesel Vehicles Ltd. SEDDON Restored 1949 Seddon Mk5, Photo Alan Barnes.

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By 1970 Seddon Diesel Vehicles Ltd had become the most profitable independent lorry manufacturing company in Britain. This was certainly a remarkable achievement when you consider that the company only designed and built its first prototype truck chassis in October 1 The success of the company was due in no small measure to Robert garage door opener adjustment who had usefully employed his spare time preparing designs for what he envisaged as a good quality diesel-engined lorry able to carry a payload of six tons and legally capable of travelling at 30mph on the road. These designs were completed in early 1937 and the board of directors had little hesitation in adopting his ideas, and work started on the development of the prototype vehicle. While the late 1930s would see the company flourish as a truck and bus manufacturer the business had its origins in the aftermath of the First World War and indeed when the first foundations were laid Robert was still a serving Army officer.

His brother Herbert, who had served in the Royal Flying Corps, had already returned home and rather than returning to the family butcher business he took a little time exploring an alternative career. While in the RFC it had become clear to him that the country was about to undergo a transformation as far as transport was concerned. During the war years there had been rapid development of mechanisation and garage door opener adjustment of trucks, lorries and other machines had been used by all branches of the armed services. With many vehicles now surplus to military requirements being sold off at bargain prices these vehicles were now being 1949 advert extolling the virtues ofthe Seddon 'oilers'. used in increasing numbers by commercial transport companies.



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