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But the fact that cousin Eric Sunley kept Ian

“Everything you want is right in front of you -it’s perfect. ” And that just about sums up the man and machine combination. It may not be pristine well Ian has little time for pristine garage door opener amazon but as well as being a great slice of Atkinson history, it’s a huge chunk of Thompson and Oxley folklore.

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It’s perhaps just as well that Ian never bought an eight-potter Borderer. If he did, then it may well have been uprated for 38-tonnes operation and ran until it just gave up the ghost. But the fact that cousin Eric Sunley kept Ian and Henty fully in the picture with his own motor, meant Ian is now getting a huge amount of added enjoyment to what was a solid company servant. Doesn’t it just make you feel proud of your British heritage? John Simmons, Heritage Commercials reader, was taken on his final journey to Momingthorpe Church and Cemetery by Vintage Lorry Funerals’ 1950 Leyland garage door opener amazon John started working with lorries in 1958 from his Rothley base, north of Leicester, and John Ń Simmons Transport was formed.

Initially John worked for other hauliers on general haulage running a number of vehicles including Chinese six ERF rigids pulling drawbar trailers which operated on grain movements. During the 1960s John worked for British Gypsum from Kingston, Nottinghamshire, with three flat trailers moving bagged plaster. In addition an ERF unit pulled a Scammell four-in-line low loader moving plant and this proved to be a growth area. The types of loads moved included: diesel locomotives out of Loughborough for the Great Central Railway, DUKW moved from Barrow-on-Soar, fishing boats from Plymouth, and dumper garage door opener amazon loaded at Merriman Ltd of Cossington. During the 1980s John put a dofley under the low loader and used a 6x2 tractor to pull it, moving loads up to 105 tons.



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