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In 2000 a Kenworth joined the fleet and then a Cat-powered Foden. John also used a Diamond T in heavy haulage, keeping this vehicle alter his company ceased operating in late 20 John and his wife Jill retired and moved to Long Stratton in Norfolk, taking the Diamond T with them, which John would occasionally take out on the country garage door opener and installation at weekends, annoying other road users. They lived in a bungalow on the edge of the village with panoramic views across giant fields, an idyllic position with very little traffic using the single-track road in front of the property.

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John garage door opener and installation away on June 17,2015, following a long deterioration to his health, and his son Tim rang David Hall to check his availability before he rang a funeral director. John is deeply missed by his wife Jill, his sons Tim and John, and his daughter Julie and their families. Mini pick-up trucks were not exactly prolific even during the time they were in production, and now some 30-odd years since manufacture ceased they are even less so; their demise, like other classic pick-ups -Austin A40 and A55, Morris Minor, Peugeot 504, Ford PI00 often caused by water lying in the pick-up bed. Rarely do they come up for sale, so it was something of a surprise to see one up for auction in a general sale among the old furniture and odds and ends held at Malvern, Worcestershire. Described in the catalogue as ‘starts and drives but no MoT and needing some TLC’, the example on offer dated from 1972 and at some stage had been modified with wider wheels, the addition of covering spats, and upgrading of the badges to Leyland and Mini Some work had been carried out in the past peeling plastic filler revealed that rot had occurred on both sides where the bed floor met the sides.

Some untreated rot was evident on the roof section above the drivers door and more was evident down the inside of the screen pillar. The sills though appeared to be sound. The sale estimate was rather wide and perhaps a little ambitious at ?3000-?50 When the Mini came up for sale bidding started at ?2500 before being knocked down at ?3300, and a garage door opener and installation of ?495 needs to be added to that price. It is with deep sadness and regret that I have to inform everybody of the death of my old pal William Aldred, aka King Billy.



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