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” Ian recalls it probably wasn’t worth much then in secondhand value but seeing that it was his first big motor, he was never going to part with it. Because as early as ’85, he had plans to give it a full restoration although he didn’t realise that it would be 2010 before those plans eventually came to fruition. At their peak, HP Thompson & Son ran something like six motors and Henry was still driving until he was However by then, the business had moved away from general/ agricultural/tipping work to specialise in low loader/plant movements. A lot of Ian’s work has garage door opener antenna extension kit Volvo construction equipment so no surprise that over the years, Ian has stuck with Volvo as his preferred choice for traction.

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Preferred choice for sheer enjoyment for both Ian and his sister Gillian has long been the family-owned 1929 garage door opener antenna extension kit steamer that has been rallied as much as spare time has allowed. However, Ian never forgot about the Borderer: “I’d pull the sheet off and get the engine running every year or so,” he says, “but about 20101 decided it was time to get it restored. Mechanically it didn’t seem too bad but I knew’ the cab wanted a specialist to sort it, so I got Gary Kershaw’s details through the Classic Atkinson Club and I took the motor down to him. ” Ian's first artic when he passed his HGV test was this Leyland Super Comet. Photo Ian Thompson collection.

The 1929 Foden steamer which Ian's dad, Henry, bought and restored, and which Ian now runs. Photo Ian Thompson collection. Atkinson liked to use lock actuators rather than spring brakes. Note how the writing is upside down so you can garage door opener antenna extension kit it when looking down from the driving seat. Seen from the front, the Atky looked pretty good but the back panel of the cab and the entire cab floor was completely gone.



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