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The one drawback to garage door opener app ‘new’ Atky was that it was only plated for 5 tons gross weight as an artic: “I would have loved to have had a Borderer with the eight-cylinder 240bhp engine,” says Ian, “not just because of their sound, but because they ran up to 32 tons gross. I know there were some early Atkys with the 180 in that ran at this maximum weight but a law had been created where you needed 6bhp per ton so our motor was stuck at

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” Although they didn't run many motors, the Thompsons had invested in a number of semi-trailers and the variety of loading heights of these load carriers meant they could handle all manner of traffic. With such a variety of work, Ian was like a dog with two tails in the amount of enjoyment he got from coming to work and was to get all over doing all sorts: “I seemed to get to Scotland a lot,” he says, “and regularly got up to places garage door opener app Dundee and Inverness. It was great. ” One thing in the Atky’s favour was its low running cost: “We used to get about 12mpg from it,” says Ian, “and I know some of the Borderers that had the bigger Cummins 220 engines would only get about half that figure 6mpg. ” The motor also proved particularly reliable and Ian cannot recall too many times when it let him down: “I remember one day when the forks on the clutch snapped,” he says, “so I had to drive it home without the clutch, just using the revs to change gear.

And one day the radiator went when I was at Beattock on the A So I dropped the trailer and one of Elddis Transport delivered the load for us and my dad towed me home with one of our Albions as it was more cost effective to do the garage door opener app here. ” Into the mid ‘80s and the Atkinson was starting to tire a bit. Everyone was talking about the change to 38 tonnes for artic operation provided they ran on five axles but Ian knew his Borderer would never be able to run at that gross weight, even if he pulled a tri-axle semi. Of course, if it had been a 240 Borderer then that might have been a different story and it may have ran even longer. However, Ian decided to replace the Atky with an ‘S’ reg Volvo F10: “My dad drove the Borderer for a short time,” says Ian, “but in the end it wasn’t long before we parked it up in the yard and put a sheet over it.



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