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Wakefield-based Gary has made himself a reputation of being an Atkinson restoration specialist and well recalls the day GGR 575N came into the yard: “I remember garage door opener app for android that Ian was a bit intrigued as to whether I could save it because as soon as we began taking it apart, the whole thing almost collapsed. ” Gar ' apparently has Atkinson blueprints imprinted into his brain so providing GGR with the required new hardware wasn’t a problem, although trickiest task was in reinstating the honeycomb cab interior: “Atkinson have long used this sort of cab liner which tends to go very brittle after long exposure to sunlight,” says Gary. “Ian’s motor wasn’t too bad but it was a delicate job trying not to damage it.

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” Transported back to the Thompson yard at Pelton Fell, Ian discovered the garage door opener app for android 6LXB engine was past saving: “I managed to get a replacement from Stuart Ritchie who was selling a Sed Atk 400 for spares but even that engine needed a new piston in it. ” Ian restored all the brakes but had Professional Auto Electrics of Consett sort the wiring. One big long overdue change Ian made to the Atky during the restoration was the incorporation of power steering: “During the 1980s, I remember Norman Smith giving me a power steering box to fit on it. I never seemed to have the time to strip it down and I suppose I got used to driving it without any assistance so it just lay in the garage. But believe me, I’m pleased I have it fitted now” The original catwalk, the bed plate for the fifth wheel, and the twin fuel tanks were too far gone so replacements were made for them.

A new clutch was fitted and the chassis shot blasted before Seaham Coachworks was asked to do the paint job. garage door opener app for android job was the signwriting, which was done by Phil Anderson Signs of Teesside. The interior of a Borderer will be a familiar sight to many! As we soon discover, Ian loves the chance to fire up the sweet-sounding Gardner 180 and take the Borderer out for a spin. And while classic devotees across the land will no doubt applaud the fact there’s another Atky classic brought back to life, in the Thompson pecking order then the Foden steam wagon is still top dog. Ideally, the Atkinson’s role is as a transporter to carry the steamer on the back of Ian’s 1970 York step-frame/beaver tail semitrailer.



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