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And with the Thompson business activities encompassing a lot of hay and straw haulage, young Ian could practice clutch control and the like whenever he found himself in a field with one of the Thompson motors. Being too young to legally drive HGVs, on leaving school he found work in the Thompson garage until he was 21: “Our first artic was an Albion which we bought secondhand from Walker of Newburn,” he says. “My dad later went back to them and bought the Taskers Little Giant low loader semi-trailer that the Albion used to garage door opener app for iphone but at first, it was just used to carry the Foden steam engine to various shows. ” Of course in hindsight Ian wishes he’d hung on to some of those early Thompson Albions or at least the first Leyland Super Comet artic he drove after passing his HGV driving test in early ‘ However, when the Borderer arrived in the Thompson yard in June 1979, Ian thought all his birthdays had come at once: “Back then,” he says, “the Atky was quite a big motor.

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And I know things like the F88 Volvo had been around for a while but I’d always fancied a Borderer and this one was to do us well. ” Supplied by Longfield Road Motors of Darlington, GGR 575N was first registered on April 24,1975, when bought by Oxley’s of Coxhoe, Co Durham: “Bob Oxley had two sons John and Harry and they had two farms so as well as doing some general haulage, the new Borderer also moved cattle all round the country. I know it went to places like Stirling and Liverpool carrying beasts. They also had some rigids so the Atky wasn’t worked that garage door opener app for iphone and sometimes it only worked three or four days a week.

” Ian knew what the motor was doing because his cousin, Eric Sunley, was its regular driver: “Eric would call in if he was ever passing and we’d talk about his motor. And when he knew we were after a bigger tractor unit than our Leyland Super Comet, he said that we should buy his motor. ” And of course, that’s what they eventually did. Ian uses the garage door opener app for iphone coupled to this 1970 York step-frame/beaver tail semi-trailer to carry the family's Foden steam wagon, together with living quarters on the trailer neck. With the Foden off for repair Ian loaded a Caterpillar D4 crawler sheeted up in the trailer well which gives a gross combination weight of something like 20 tons.



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