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We have been providing a dedicated nationwide service to our customers for the last 45 years in the UK and already provide service to a variety of commercial vehicle owners from vintage bus enthusiasts, horsebox owners to large commercial fleet operators. How surprised I was to see the photo of Green Goddess SYH 301 in the yard at Prudhoe in the April issue of ÍŃ. I had the privilege of working with that very machine, having joined the Auxiliary Fire Service section of garage door opener at sears County Fire Brigade in 1 1 never rode that particular emergency pump EP during my AFS service as I was stationed in the south of the county at Gosforth, on the northern extremes of Newcastle upon Tyne and the EPs I worked with were 4x2 versions. The brigades two 4x4 machines, SYH 301 and 303, better served the more rural areas of the county but additionally, during the last year of the AFS’s existence, they were on hire to Newcastle Airport.

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But there is more. In 1970 I garage door opener at sears in the regular brigade and coincidentally did my training at Prudhoe fire station as it was the nearest station that had a suitable drill tower and drill ground. One evening I reported for duty and sitting in the appliance room at Gosforth was none other than SYH 301, a 4x4 Goddess, dwarfing the place where a smaller Commer water tender usually reposed. The brigade had bought the two ‘SYH’ EPs as ‘ten percenters’, 10% of the fleet should be for reserve duties painted them red and put the county coat of arms on the side.

But no two-tone horns or blue lights were fitted. New red livery and up-to-date warning systems, although the nearside beacon is missing. I turned out to several fires in the Red Goddesses with the officer in charge clanging the hand bell while the two small orange blinker lights, visible only from directly ahead, were flashing away. The next time they appeared they did come equipped with two blue lights and garage door opener at sears two-tone horns. 30Vs sister appliance, SYH 303, pictured at Gosforth in 1971 in its new red livery while in the reserve fleet, and proving a tight fit in the appliance room.



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