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There was also a high-roof version used in abundance by the Post Office, and there were also options with the garage door opener battery replacement doors, including a roller shutter ideal for PO use as well as with the national daily newspapers. In fact a Daily Express van was used in BMC publicity to promote the EA and a roller shutter would have been used. A chassis/cab was also available in the range. This came equipped with hinged opening doors rather than the sliding type offered on the van.

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The chassis/cab allowed for fitting of custom-built bodies such as flat deck, pick-ups or even tipper trucks, although because of the cab height the chassis/cab did look a little odd. Gown vans and even Luton bodies were also built on these chassis. THE MECHANICS Power for the new van w’as provided either by a 5-litre OHV petrol engine producing 70bhp or the new diesel engine that produced 58bhp. The new BMC 5-litre diesel w’as a four-cylinder engine, basically an updated version of the garage door opener battery replacement BMC. The engine was equipped with a lOin clutch that coupled it to a four-speed gearbox with synchromesh on the top three forward gears.

Hydraulic brakes on the EA were fed by a MUH 136X, owned by South Glamorgan County Council Street Lighting SL27 . Photographed on Millicent Street, Cardiff on July 14,1988, this is a long-wheelbase model. LVJ 873P, a Leyland 350EA 240cf mail van new to the PO at Hereford in 1976, seen here in 19 garage door opener battery replacement the wooden strip on the lower body, a feature which was dropped from 1975 on 'civilian' versions but remained on PO vans. Asco-bodied Austin-Morris EA at the Earls Court Motor Show, November 27,1 Lettered for Streamline of Crawley, this may have been an Asco demonstrator, possibly the first Asco imported to the UK note the trade plate visible in the windscreen.



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