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• Lightweight version available on suitable chassis for under 3 Ton ULW operation. • Variations in size and design available on request. garage door opener beeping extras.

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• Alloy roller or roof slide rear shutter • Wide lath roof slide shutter at rear • Double doors at rear • Side loading platforms • Step frames on both sides • Marine plywood floor • Non slip floor treatment • Rear loading platform • Pallet guide partition at front end • Ventilators in front bulkhead • Variable sizes of sliding doors • Internal load control equipment Photographed in Nottingham, this is a late, high-roof EA with the water filler flap on the grille clearly visible. Russ Harvey looks at the history of Leyland's forerunner to the ubiquitous Sherpa. It all started in the summer of 1 To be more precise August 30,1968, was the date the BMC LD Ř ton van faded away and the new 350 EA Easy Access started to appear. The E A was launched following the garage door opener beeping of the British Motor Corporation BMC and Leyland Motors to form British Leyland BLMC . Therefore the EA van was the first model produced by the BLMC Group that was offered from the outset as a BMC, whereas models such as the BMC 250 JU or BMC J4 were merely renamed or rebadged models.

The new large ‘box on wheels’ vans were designed on chassis offering a gross vehicle weight of 5 tons, affording a spacious payload of 30 cwt. Initially the EA was produced at BMC’s factory at Adderley Park in Birmingham. The van was offered with either standard or longer bodywork, but both were garage door opener beeping on the same wheelbase, offering loadspace capacities of 274 cubic feet cf and 322cf respectively. Both versions of the model came supplied with 14in wheels, with twin wheels fitted at the rear. Larger tyres were fitted to the 322cf model.



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