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It's been done it up in the colours of my garage door opener belt replacement firm, RGS Stone. It has the more powerful Bedford TM engine, but as it also has an Allison automatic three-speed gearbox it will only do about 55mph when revving hard, and it's always quite noisy at that sort of speed. The automatic gearbox is something I've had to get used to, but with that sort of mileage, I couldn't turn it down!" Craig Anderson drives for Les Clarkson and Son, and as a weekend treat he also gets to drive this Volvo FI 0 that was once owned by Stagetruck, and once went around the world on a Robbie Williams tour.

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In the colours of the family firm of Myers and Bowman, Workington, this Commer recovery truck is owned by Graeme Calvin. We recently had a big clear-out at home and came across this garage door opener belt replacement for the Boalloy Linkliner urban delivery body. There’s no date on it but judging by the Bedford TKs featured it’s got to be early/mid-1970s. Did you drive a lorry equipped with one of these bodies? Perhaps you worked for Boalloy manufacturing them? If so, please write in and tell us your experiences.

operator benefits. • Easy access from both sides and rear. • Unique hinged side door, provides jam-free operation with single lock security and due to its garage door opener belt replacement strength a burst-proof barrier where it is most necessary. • Bottom rollers carry doors at the strongest point, and have deep channels for easy removal of rollers and doors, thus simplifying maintenance. • Unique side loading platforms provide a floor level stage for transfer of goods,and are a convenient walk-way for the delivery driver, enabling him to select goods from any part of the body.



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