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With standard 14in tyres, the recommended price of the EA chassis with ‘part-cab’ and petrol engine was ? Specifying the optional diesel added a further ?65 to the price and a deluxe version added a further ? Add the larger tyres and the garage door opener belts went up ?5, plus the sliding cab doors were available at ?46 per vehicle. The price increased further for the deluxe version, adding ?50 to your bill.

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Two years after production commenced, the ÂĚŃ EA350 was no more, as during 1970 it was rebadged as the Leyland EA, but could still also be seen badged as an Austin Morris. The payload was increased and now ranged from 1 Óă to two tons with the introduction of a long-wheelbase model, garage door opener belts that the EA now offered a significantly larger loadspace at 390cf, designated the 440EA. The following year 1971 saw production move away from the Midlands to the Bathgate factory in Scotland, and from 1972 it was marketed under the guidance of Leyland Redline as part of its range of trucks. From then until production ceased during 1982, they were badged purely as Leyland.

There was a long list of optional extras for the EA, some of which you wonder as to why they were extra! These included chrome strips for the radiator grille and windscreen rubber insert, a passenger seat, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, passenger sun visor and rear door stays to name a few. The garage door opener belts flat bodywork on the EA had few panels that were fancy shapes, making repairs easier and cost effective but also provided the vans noise Achilles heel’. So a restyled body appeared in 1976, easily identifiable by the fluted or ribbed body side panels. A steel ribbed floor was also added to give some extra rigidity to the sides. Leyland proclaimed it made the van more appealing and reduced the noise levels.



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