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” Frank and Vera Wade's S20 cabbed tractor was first garage door opener brands in 1 Its original six-cylinder FD6 Mk3 was later replaced by a Mk6, the final non-turbocharged development. Exported to Syria, this FE6/15 double-drive eight-legger had FD6 power, Foden 12-speed box, tropical radiator and extended version of the all-steel overseas version of theS18 cab. The cylinder head he holds up is a single-cylinder unit. For later marks, Foden standardised on a separate head for each cylinder.

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Earlier generation FD4s had a single four-pot head and FD6s had two separate three-cylinder heads. It is evident that back in the day, the wisdom of folks who drove and worked on Foden ‘strokers’ was not always appreciated by engineers in Fodens design office. The party line was that cylinder head cracking was entirely a metallurgical problem. Over the years, many alternative garage door opener brands compositions were experimented with.

None made a significant difference. Ultimately, the problem could only have been resolved by throwing money at it. And despite a prodigiously talented engineering team, Foden did not have bottomless pockets to fund open-ended R&D. To provide a garage door opener brands for every circumstance, over the 1950-52 period Foden introduced its own eight and 12-speed transmissions, comprising a four-speed crash box and either a two or three-speed epicyclic auxiliary. Initially the splitter was engaged by a selector lever located next to the handbrake.



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