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The engine was also prone to overheating so was updated with a more efficient water pump and garage door opener broken tank to reduce the risk. Manoeuvrability and general handling of the EA under all conditions was said to be impeccable, and the motoring press of the day were very quick to describe the steering as being a delight. The steering guided the vehicle with pinpoint accuracy, and its tight turning circle made it easy to handle in close quarters. Sitting on its 14in wheels the working floor height made it an ideal delivery van, coupled with the provision of interior rails that prevented cargo being bumped against the outer panelling.

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This was exactly what was required of a delivery van and so ÂĚŃ/Leyland were on to a winner well that’s what you’d think, wouldn’t you? Sadly the EA was not a true success story. Sure the Post Office was a big user, and the EA also saw service with local councils and large utilities companies, and by the late 1970s you would have found them the length and breadth of the UK in various guises and liveries. The EA saw service in Europe with limited success. It was also marketed and sold in Australia, where again the advertising campaign played on the ‘big box on wheels’ approach, emphasising that the garage door opener broken allowed virtually every cubic inch of the cargo space to be used for the carriage of goods, which is just as it should be.

Ample space was provided between the seats for the driver to move into the load area without any difficulty and the rear garage door opener broken aperture provided a large entry, making it an ideal parcels van no wonder the Post Office used them in droves. However the production of the EA was hounded by build quality and reliability issues at this time, and the van suffered from those unacceptable noise levels. The motoring press at the time highlighted this problem, stemming from the unbraced side panels of the body, particularly when running empty. I have yet to find anyone who enjoyed working on them and not many ‘posties’ had a good word to say about them either. There seem to be very few EA van survivors, and most that exist tend be converted vehicles such as campers or horseboxes.



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