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May 1969 saw the EA range extend with the ‘part-cab’ chassis assembly becoming available alongside the chassis/cab. Basically the ‘part-cab’ was designed for customers wishing to have special integral bodywork to be garage door opener bulbs on to the EA. It differed from the chassis/cab as it consisted of a front panel including windscreen, some roof and ‘B’ posts suitable for sliding cab doors and a driver’s seat.

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This allowed special bodies to be built by specialist companies, such as ambulances and even small coaches. BMC sales publicity brochures of the time depicted the two chassis side by side, with the differences plain for all to see. One such company that took advantage of these types of vehicles was Asco Limited based in County Wicklow, Ireland, who produced a rather splendid-looking bus and a more luxurious coach utilising the EA part-cab/chassis. The garage door opener bulbs Clubman, to give its full title, was produced as a 17, 19 or even a 21-seat minibus or a luxury mini-coach. Built in Dublin by Cars and Commercials Ltd, it was marketed in the UK from its business base in Chester.

The EA cab garage door opener bulbs was flat, enabling such conversions, and also easy access from the driver’s seat to the rear cargo area. This was made possible by placing the engine below the floor line behind die front axle. The secret was mounting the engine at 55 degrees. The radiator remained at the front end of the chassis and a large-diameter duct ran between it and the fan surround located on the engine. Typical BMC EA van prices a year after launch in 1969 were as follows.



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