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This vehicle was depicted in Leyland adverts for the EA chassis/cab. tandem master cylinder with separate circuits for the front and rear, while the handbrake acted mechanically on the rear wheels. The electrical system included a 45 amp alternator as a standard fitment. garage door opener button doors were fitted on the EA van, and the space taken up by the compartments that housed them once retracted were kept to a minimum, while the upright posts inside the van were joined by horizontal pressings which provided useful rails for securing cargo.

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The van also came equipped with a plywood floor with steel strips. Period advertising at the garage door opener button focused on the van being a large ‘box on wheels’ and some attention was given to make the best use of the space available inside the EA body. For example, the rear wheel arches were squared off, thus enabling stacking of cargo around and on top of them. The EA van came as standard or deluxe versions, but there were not that many differences, the main one being chrome front and rear bumpers on the deluxe rather than painted versions. The deluxe model also came with a heater/demister unit and a spare wheel and carrier, whereas these items were optional on the standard model.

The large straight slab-sided design was stunningly simple, allowing for a large cargo area, although this could cause a ‘drumming’ noise which was often simply too much for a new vehicle. Basically the vehicle itself was not noisy, but the sound was amplified by the flexing of those flat body panels, producing the drumming effect. Up at the front end the dash layout was basic, as was the norm in commercial garage door opener button The seats were comfortable, and the elevated driver’s position behind the two-spoke steering wheel gave easy control of the rocker-type switches. The view from the large screen was more than adequate even in poor weather, due to the large sweep of the wipers across the screen virtually up to the offside pillar, which enabled the driver to see exactly where he was going.



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