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For years, the Landmaster languished outside his workshop on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, becoming a bizarre local landmark. Jeffries also built the Cougar show car for Ford, and made ends garage door opener code grabber with a range of his own beach buggies. When he wasn't in his workshop, the bills were paid by occasional hirings as a stuntman, usually for driving. Jeffries died peacefully in his sleep in May 2013, aged

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He’d only been easing his workload for five years, taking the Mantaray on tour to delight open-mouthed 21st Century kids, although he had already seen off cancer and recovered from a coma caused when he fell from a ladder. He was softly spoken, modest, and always happy to meet his fans: ‘An amazing human being and a complex thinker,’ said Tom Cotter. ‘While he was very garage door opener code grabber about his lack of a high-school education, if you needed to send a rocket to the moon with only $9000, he would somehow find away to get it done. It’s the trademarked ribs that distinguish Rimowa luggage amidst the teeming throngs scurrying across the concourses of the world’s airports.

Master luggage maker Paul Morszeck opened for business in Cologne in 1898, making suitcases, steamer trunks, and trunks for the newfangled automobile. With servants to do the lugging, the wood and leather luggage of the period was heavy and built to take a bashing but Morszeck sought an edge by crafting lighter cases. While man was still struggling to master powered flight, Morszeck garage door opener code grabber his wares with a poster that was prescient in view of future developments, showing one of his trunks in the form of an early aircraft soaring above Cologne. It would be another half-centurybefore Rimowa’s aircraft-inspired luggage, er, got off the ground. Barely more than a decade after the Wright brothers had powered into the air in their flimsy wired confection of wood and fabric, Hugo Junkers was constructing the world’s first all-metal ’plane.



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