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During the Second World War the Detroit Diesel

Above that, Fodens ultimate two-stroke, the 12-cylinder FD12 ‘twin-six’, a garage door opener companies designed for marine applications, was rated at 450bhp. Although not an automotive engine being too wide to fit in a conventional road-going commercial the FD12 is indicative of what might have been, had Foden evolved V12s and V8s for successive post-1960s truck generations. Instead, FD truck, bus and coach diesels were limited to inline sixes and fours. The FD12 comprised two FD6s in side-by-side configuration.

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Within the single engine block the two crankshafts one for each cylinder bank were geared together and contra-rotating. The parallel layout was not actually Fodens stroke of genius. During the Second World War the Detroit Diesel arm of General Motors produced modular 12 and 24-cylinder parallel cylinder bank garage door opener companies They powered tanks, landing craft and other military equipment. Evidently at the behest of the Ministry of Defence, Rolls-Royce eventually acquired Foden two-stroke intellectual property rights and manufactured marine units for warships at its factory in Crewe just up the road from Fodens Elworth Works in Sandbach.

The FD12 was a successful and impressive performer. As well as vessels of the Royal Navy garage door opener companies driving generators they have equipped warships of the navies of countries including Australia, Denmark, France, Ghana, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, South Africa and Spain. Naval use was primarily for fast patrol craft and mine countermeasures ships. Foden two-strokes had the advantage of aluminium engine blocks, which contributed an added advantage for vessels designed to combat threats posed by magnetic mines and torpedo warheads. Aluminium blocks were also integral to the secret of the weight-saving attractions of Foden FDs for trucks and PSVs.



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