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Flying the flag for Foden innovation

The separate individual heads for each cylinder are clearly evident in this photo of a six-inline FD Work the gears to keep the revs up and an FD6-engined Foden would go like the clappers. An garage door opener craftsman single-cylinder two-stroke diesel was built in 1943, followed by a five-cylinder in 1 This achieved the intended brake mean effective pressure BMEP result a key measure of engine efficiency. Fuel consumption figures were also encouraging.

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Next came a six-cylinder prototype, followed in the second half of the 1940s by pilot production of the FD By 1950 Foden two-strokes were in full-scale production, initially for buses and coaches. A four-cylinder derivative of the FD6, the FD4, was selected for garage door opener craftsman radical new-look FE 4/8 lightweight in 1 Foden switched to individual cylinder heads in preference to the original FD4's single-head and the 2 three-cylinder heads of the FD Four-valve heads were later contemplated. Flying the flag for Foden innovation, a Foden luxury coach with a rear-mounted FD6 was exhibited in 1950 at a special British Motor Show staged in New York by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders SMMT in support of the UK’s overseas sales drive. At the time, British industry was in export-or-die mode.

Britain could do with that sort of get-off-your-backside enterprise and determination today, given the UK’s long-running import/export trade imbalance that successive EU-blinkered Governments seem disinclined to draw attention to. In present-day parlance, Fodens two-strokes were modular. Apart from the cylinder block, the FD6 and FD4 were essentially the same internally and likewise the FD12 marine engine. Compared to Foden specs with equivalent Gardner diesel, the FD6 reduced unladen weight by a quarter of a ton with a commensurate increase in payload garage door opener craftsman To meet increases in performance to keep pace with more enlightened legislation, when the turbocharged version of the FD6 first became available in 1962, cylinder capacity had been increased from 1 to 8 litres.



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