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” A new radiator core was supplied by Wrexham Radiators at a cost of ?450, far less than a garage door opener ebay that had quoted ?12 After this arrived back, Howard and Jon then took on the tediously repetitive job of refitting the header and bottom tank to the core sitting in the middle by using a multitude of small, fiddlybolts. New kingpins were fitted on the front axle and these were supplied by John Sanderson of Sandbach, who also provided many other parts, such as hinges and pins for the tipper body, from his large stock which he bought when Foden went out of business.

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Howard was made aware of the coachbuilt’ nature of cab construction at Fodens when he came to remove and refit the regulators for the cab’s side windows. He measured and cut a length of stick to hold the glass in garage door opener ebay when he was working on one side of the cab. But when he attempted to use the very same stick on the other side of the cab, it was over an inch shorter, thereby indicating the doors are to a different design on each side of the cab! The seats are still original after theywere re-covered by Colin Page of Barrow-in-Furness. This was one of the last jobs to complete, and at the time of writing this second S21 was about to be most regrettably sold as, not being prepared to rest on their laurels, Howard and Jon have taken on the rebuild of an Aveling & Porter steam roller, which should take their level of engineering expertise to even further heights! So this second S21 will now have to go in order to find a new firebox for their steam roller. Sometimes this is the sort of sacrifice that restorers have to make to keep the ball rolling! The S21 tractor unit is fitted with a 150 Gardner and Foden's super low geared five-speed gearbox.

The father and son team are now restoring an Aveling & Porter steam roller, so the tractor unitwill have to be sold. Other attractions include a garage door opener ebay railway ?1 a ride , free steam train rides and much more. This is a family day out that's too good to miss! For this month’s theme I thought I’d go for lorries operated by fuel company JET, together with its associated companies. The companywas started by one Bill Roberts. Born in Halifax in 1898, he’d worked in the chemical industry after leaving the Army at the end of the First World War.



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