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He started JET Petroleum Ltd in 1954, a name apparently inspired by the ‘jet garage door opener electric eye of the 1950s its early logo even carried the silhouette of a Vulcan bomber. By supplying lower-priced fuel than other companies, Bill soon expanded his business all over Yorkshire. By the way, his first tanker was an AEC Mammoth Major, registration JET 855, which was restored a fewyears ago. In 1961 JET was purchased by Conoco, a US company with roots goingback to 1 Since then JET has become a familiar brand all over the UK and Europe.

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Here are a few JET lorries at work in years gone by. However, as usual we have very little information with any of them, so if you can help fill in the gaps please write in or email. The addresses are on page This Leyland Lynx, fleet number 59530, and single-axle tanker semi trailer, only seems to be carrying the Conoco name-exceptfor theword JET on the upside down road cone on the garage door opener electric eye Again this is Victoria Road in Hillingdon in 1 NA3T photo ref Barry Coppola BC00038- Do any ofthese photographstrigger old memories? Perhapsthis used to be your lorry or you recognise the company name or someone in the photograph.

Don't be afraid to write to us. The Conoco fuel aboard this 1987 Seddon Atkinson 3-11 was being delivered by Woodacon Oils Ltd of Sinclair Road, Aberdeen. Again we unfortunately have no date ’ with this photo. This is the Great West Road inJuly 1975, and this group distribution 1973 Leyland Chieftain, fleet number 58328, is going about its business in the company ofa Mk3 Ford garage door opener electric eye and a Post Office Morris LD van. Thisphotoisvaguely described as being on the A46, a road some 214 miles long -and we don't have a date for it either.



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